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Up to April 1, 1971 there  was no facility to accommodate children in Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Seminole and Okfuskee Counties who were in distress either by reason of misfortune or their own acting out. Many were housed in a cell exactly like the one to the right. It was made for adult offenders. It was barred, locked and stark  read more...

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Girls who bully tend to be physically weaker than other girls in their class.
Internet citation:
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What is Relational Aggression?

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Safe Schools

Encourage student input in district policy. Appoint one or more student representatives to the school board. These students would participate in discussions and planning but not be voting members.
The business community is a natural partner for local schools. Businesses have an immediate vested interest in good schools: quality education for children of their employees. Businesses also have a long-range interest: a well-trained work force. The quality of life and the quality of education in the community are inseparable. The following ideas are suggested to take advantage of this vested interest. The logical way to start business partnerships is to meet with representatives from the local chamber of commerce and labor unions.
Arrange regular presentations by business leaders to students, teachers and parents. Professional, practical advice is invaluable in describing various professions and career opportunities. Coordinate career days where business leaders participate in seminars, distribute information packets and present demonstrations. Coordinate field trips to business offices and production plants. Witnessing the practical application of skills can make students more appreciative and understanding of classroom instruction.
Internet citation: National School Safety Center

Self Mutilitation

It is estimated that one in every 100 individuals in the United States, or more than 2.5 million people, are self-mutilators. Girls are four times more likely to engage in self-harm than boys, with girls between the ages of 16 and 25 at highest risk, although many girls begin cutting in middle school (ages 12 or 13). At risk individuals also include those who have underlying psychiatric disorders. Up to half of individuals who are self-mutilators were sexually abused as children.
Internet citation: Cutter Demographics
Biological Explanations: Stereotypical self-mutilation has been seen in the Lesch-Nyhan, deLange, and Tourette's syndrome which has spurred interest in a biological model.

Biological Model 1: Recent evidence suggests the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine in self-mutilation.

Biological Model 2: In addition to dopamine, endogenous opioids have also been linked to self-mutilation. The biological reinforcement theory suggests that the pain from self-mutilation may cause the production of endorphins (endogenous opioids) that reduce dysphoria. A cycle is formed in which the habitual self-mutilator will hurt themselves in order to feel better.

Biological Model 3: A third biological explanation suggests that individuals may mutilate themselves in order to supply sensory stimulation.

Internet citation: Types of Motivation
The content of this article may be very triggering if you engage in self mutilation; please consider this carefully before reading on. Self mutilation is very difficult to understand from the prospective of people who have never experienced the behavior themselves. For family members or friends of someone who self mutilates, it is terrifying, confusing, and frustrating.

Internet citation: What is Self Mutilation and Why Does It Happen?

Did you know?

Delinquency offenses are acts committed by juveniles that would be crimes if committed by adults.

Internet citation: OJJDP

Human Trafficking

Red flags should go up for police or aid workers who notice any of the following during an intake. The individual:
Does not hold his or her own identity or travel documents;

Suffers from verbal or psychological abuse designed to intimidate, degrade and frighten the individual;

Has a trafficker or pimp who controls all the money, victim will have very little or no pocket money; and

Is extremely nervous, especially if their translator (who may be their trafficker) is present during an intake.
Coupled with any of the above, another indicator that a person may be held against their will is if the individual is a foreigner, unable to speak the language in the country where they reside or work.
While there is no set formula to determine whether or not a person has been trafficked, the following list of questions can serve as a guideline to determine if trafficking elements are present in a given situation.
Human Trafficking Screening Questions:
Is the person free to leave the work site?

Is the person physically, sexually or psychologically abused?

Does the person have a passport or valid I.D. card and is he or she in possession of such documents?

What is the pay and conditions of employment?

Does the person live at home or at/near the work site?

How did the individual arrive to this destination if the suspected victim is a foreign national?

Has the person or a family member of this person been threatened?

Does the person fear that something bad will happen to him or her, or to a family member, if he or she leaves the job?
Internet citation: How Can I Recognize Human Trafficking Victims?


Oklahoma Fact!

Forests cover approximately 24 percent of Oklahoma's roughly 69,957 square miles of land. There 1,301 square miles of water - more coastline than the Atlantic and Gulf together! Oklahoma is divided into 77 counties and is equidistant from Los Angeles and New York.





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